Our Story

In May of 2012, we were awarded stewardship of Tea Lane Farm by the town of Chilmark based on our proposal to establish a flower farm and renovate the existing 250-year old farmhouse.

Following the selection process which included a rigorous competition among many talented farmers, the town sold us the farm and buildings for one dollar. We paid for Tea Lane with a silver dollar and were granted a 75-year lease on the land.

After years of working on borrowed land, our dream had come true - it finally felt like we weren’t as perishable as the flowers we harvest. With a lifetime lease, a lot of hard work and the support of our community we have been able to create the infrastructure we had always wanted to truly sustain our farm. We have had the honor to transform this historic location into a bountiful flower farm. When we wake up to the sound of sheep grazing right outside our farmhouse windows, it reminds us to dream big.

We hope that with our success, Tea Lane Farm can serve as a model that will allow farmers the opportunity to thrive and give our communities the incentive to preserve agriculture and history.